1 ks

Baked goods (roll, bread)

5 Kč

1 ks

Basket with baked goods (6 pcs of rolls or breads)

35 Kč

200 g

Beefsteak with sauce (please choose your sauce: pepper corn sauce/mushroom sauce/BBQ)

349 Kč

350 g

Caesar salad with chicken meat, garlic croutons, dressing and parmesan cheese

189 Kč


Chicken schnitzel with creamy mashed potatoes

135 Kč

1 pc

Coconut cheesecake with sour cherry sauce

85 Kč


Confit duck leg with braised cranberry-beetroot and homemade potato dumplings

239 Kč

1 ks

Crispy baked baguette with herb butter

45 Kč

180 g

Crispy-skin sous-vide chicken breast stuffed with herb marinated mozzarella and parma ham,roasted root vegetable, Brussels sprouts and mash potatoes

229 Kč


Czech potato pierogi filled with plum jam

79 Kč

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200 g


Handmade Beef Burger with crispy bacon, cheddar, fresh vegetable and dressing in burger roll with chips and herb-roasted garlic mayonnaise