0,9-1,2 kg

Roast pork knee basted with Pilsner beer, served with mustard and fresh grated horseradish

259 Kč

200 g

Sous-vide pork tenderloin, braised kohlrabi, dried plums, potato pancakes and glaze

269 Kč

200 g

Homemade potato crisps, garlic dip

89 Kč


Chicken schnitzel with creamy mashed potatoes

135 Kč


Confit duck leg with braised cranberry-beetroot and homemade potato dumplings

239 Kč


Grilled chicken Brest with creamy mashed potatoes

135 Kč

150 g

In our place mixed steak Tartare with 5 slices of fried bread and garlic

275 Kč

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200 g


Handmade Beef Burger with crispy bacon, cheddar, fresh vegetable and dressing in burger roll with chips and herb-roasted garlic mayonnaise