100 g

Salted peanuts

45 Kč

100 g

Spicy Olomouc cheese tartar (ripened soft cheese with typical strong aroma, garlic) served with slices of fried bread

119 Kč

80 g

In our place roasted almonds

69 Kč

100 g

Marinated pork belly with mustard remoulade, caramelized red onion and yeast bread

119 Kč

0,3 l

Goulash soup with beef meat and potatoes

59 Kč

0,3 l

Strong oxtail broth with liver dumplings and homemade noodles

54 Kč

1 pc

Homemade chocolate cake (high cocoa content) with overcooked pear-quark cream

95 Kč


Czech potato pierogi filled with plum jam

79 Kč

1 pc

Coconut cheesecake with sour cherry sauce

85 Kč

180 g

Slow cooked beef cheeks in red wine with creamy mashed potatoes

199 Kč

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200 g


Handmade Beef Burger with crispy bacon, cheddar, fresh vegetable and dressing in burger roll with chips and herb-roasted garlic mayonnaise