200 g

Beefsteak with sauce (please choose your sauce: pepper corn sauce/mushroom sauce/BBQ)

349 Kč

250 g

Grilled Duroc pork chop, honey-mustard sauce and homemade potato pancakes

269 Kč

180 g

Crispy-skin sous-vide chicken breast stuffed with herb marinated mozzarella and parma ham,roasted root vegetable, Brussels sprouts and mash potatoes

229 Kč

250 g

U.S. Ball Tip steak, potatoes stuffed with herb ricotta, demi-glace and grilled vegetable

289 Kč

150 g

Salmon fillet and roasted grenaille potatoes with garlic, baby spinach and cream

269 Kč

350 g

Homemade tagliatelle with pieces of chicken meat, fresh herb pesto, sun-dried tomatoes and bestrew with cheese Gran Padano (parmesan type)

179 Kč